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Save PSN - by Derek Gangi

Artist’s Note: The recent cyber attack on the PlayStation Network has forced many people all around the world to be without their online video game service since April 19th, 2011. Records also indicate that personal account information for millions of users have been compromised and is now in the hands of the destructive group of individuals.

I decided to design these posters to bring awareness to such a severe, unique type of event which not only effects the cyber world, but real-life as well.


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PSN/Qriocity Update from Sony’s Patrick Seybold

Sony’s Patrick Seybold posted a PSN update on the PlayStation Blog earlier today illustrating some updates on the PlayStation Network’s status. The post says Sony is currently working very hard to get PSN and Qriocity services back up and running and expect to have some services to be back up within a week.

However, that’s not the only news. Now, Sony is under the impression that registered users’ personal information may have been compromised (information such as name, address, country, email address, birthdate, and even your PSN/Qriocity login and password).

More information on this and how to deal with it can be found in the email Sony posted on the PlayStation Blog.

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